In addition to writing for the public press, Michael Stewart Foley has served as historical advisor on a number of film and television projects, museum exhibitions, and community storytelling projects.  He has also done film and voice over work on projects that matter to him, including the narration, most recently, of The Boys Who Said No! Draft Resistance during the Vietnam War.

In 2023, he joined colleague Jessica Ilyse Kurn to co-produce, co-write, and co-host Against the Grain: the Farm Aid Podcast.

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Co-host, co-writer, co-producer, Against the Grain: The Farm Aid Podcast (2023-present)



Historical Advisor, Writer, Narrator: “The Boys Who Said No! Draft Resistance during the Vietnam War” – A Kind Earth Production (2021).

Historical Advisor: “The Camden 28,” P.O.V. Director: Anthony Giacchino (2007). 



Historical Advisor: “Mad Men,” AMC, Season 6 (2013). 



Historical Advisor: HYPERACTIVISTS™, a non-profit community organization committed to documenting and recovering underground art and its intersection and engagement with local politics.  Los Angeles, California (2015 to present).

Founding Co-Organizer and Advisor: Stories of Activism Project, Sheffield (2011-2013). 



Humanities Advisor: “Patient No More! People with Disabilities Securing Civil Rights,” exhibition organized by the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability, San Francisco State University (July 2015-January 2016). 

Narration and Voice Over

Voice Over

“LearningSpaces – Focus your team’s learning efforts,” Fine Tune Music (2017)

Museum Audio Guide (Demo): Teotihuacan: City of Gods